Who am I?

That’s a fair question, I’d say, but I also won’t deny that I find it difficult to describe myself, because I’m biased on the opinion of me. But I can say a little about who I hope I am to the people around me. Let’s start with what the most obvious things would be upon meeting me:

  1. I’m a girl.
  2. I tend to not contribute to conversation at all when I first meet you, and even once I know you, I seldom put forth my opinions unless I know I have something valuable to say.
  3. I am a daughter of the King, Jesus Christ, who I hope to portray to others through my actions and words at every moment of my life.
  4. I love laughter (hence the subtitle of this site), whether it be my own or someone elses; whether I am the source of it or not. I think laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world and I believe it is one of the most precious things we can share with another person.
  5. I have a penchant for all things classic,vintage, or antique (as you can see if you visit classicvintagelove.blogspot.com), whether it be classic literature, classic movies, old Hollywood, antique furniture, or vintage fashion. It’s just my thing, and truthfully, if I could have any crazy, impossible job in the world, it would be a film historian working in film preservation.
  6. I love music, art, photography, and all other things of such a nature. I’d like to think I’m fairly artsy-fartsy, but there I go again being biased.
  7. I used to have a personal blog on Blogger, but I’ve decided to create this site to escape from that. I’m trying to run away from some people who have greatly hurt me and who I know have access to those posts. Maybe that sounds cowardly, but there it is.
  8. I love coffee but I prefer tea.
  9. I adore all kinds of music, but my all time favorite bands/artists are Queen and Phil Wickham.
  10. I’m a self-proclaimed Britophile who has an unhealthy obsession with Kate Middleton.
  11. And to sum up any other trifling details about myself: I’m multi-lingual (Bonjour! How are you? Bien, y tu? Wunderbar, danke.), my mother is my best friend, I prefer skirts to pants, and I love pearls, all things Jane Austen, and Harry Potter.

Why should you bother reading this?

I can’t give you a great reason. But if I had to try, it would just be because I like to think that I’m a neat and artistic person who genuinely cares about others and maybe, every once in a great while, I might say something appealing.Image


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