“All great achievements require time..”-Maya Angelou

I am one of those people who doesn’t put much stock in “bucket lists.” And yet, I have one of sorts. Over time there are just some things that I have thought of, heard or read about that I think “before I die…I must____.”

  1. Travel the world.
    I feel like that’s a pretty typical desire for most people. I love history, I love learning other languages and reading about customs for other countries, and I therefore would obviously love to go so many different places. Egypt, Nigeria, China, Korea, Italy, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Russia, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and Canada are just a few..
  2. Go to California.
    Okay, this one is actually a lot more specific than that. I’ve been to the beach and I’m not interested in typical California. I’m talking the historical parts. I want to go during the summer so I can not only tour Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but watch a movie screening there. I want to do the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But even more than that, the thing I’d be most excited to do is go to Grauman’s Chinese Theater. To me, that’s way more awesome than the Walk of Fame, because all these amazing stars have actually put their hands and feet in those cement squares, and I’m sure I’d be a squealing fangirl who tries to make mine fit.
  3. Spend time at the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial fountain.
    As I also mentioned in my first post, I am a major Britophile. I love the UK, and I love everything and anything that has to do with British royalty, both past and present. I like to refer to myself as a self-proclaimed dual citizen, which I know sounds creepy, but there it is..Naturally, my fascination with said British royalty reaches levels previously unknown when it extends to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. And I know it’s just a fountain, but I would love to go to Hyde Park and spend a day wandering around and wading in the fountain. So amazing.
  4. Read poetry in Mizpah.
    Now, this one is going to require some explanation and even after that has taken place, it still might sound morbid. Mizpah is a cemetery next to a church in a tiny town in Kansas where half of my ancestors are buried. It’s one of the most peaceful places I think I’ve been to. I also read in a book once that this nerdy girl who was really into poetry liked to go to the local cemetery and read it out loud to the deceased. Now, she did it because nobody else would listen to her read it. But I’d like to do it because…I don’t know.I’m just sentimentally weird I guess.
  5. See a musical on Broadway.
    Fairly self-explanatory. I love musicals, I think Broadway is fascinating, and I’ve never been to New York City. So I’d love to combine those.
  6. Learn new languages.
    As I said before, I love other cultures. I also love to learn other languages. I can already speak English and Spanish fluently, and I started learning French this year. I’d love to become more fluent in that and German, study Russian some more, and learn Italian.
  7. Go to a concert.
    I’ve never been to a concert.Ever. I mean, there was one time when I was in middle school and Rachel Lampa had a listeners appreciation concert at the mall where I lived, but that’s not the same thing at all. Plus it was Rachel Lampa. I know, my life is sad, but that’s why this is on the list.Dreams do come true.

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