“Who, being loved, is poor?”-Oscar Wilde


I’m sure that if you live in any of the eight countries that celebrate it, or perhaps even if you don’t, you know that today is Valentine’s Day.

Even apart from being an ooey gooey romantic by nature, I love Valentine’s Day!I always have, from the time I was in kindergarten and we brought our little Looney Tunes paper valentines to give to all our friends. It is fun!So, personally speaking, I always feel a little baffled when people say they hate Valentine’s Day..


Do you hate it because you think it’s a totally commercial holiday invented by the candy companies to make some money?
Because, while it may be true that candy and card companies generate some pretty good income off of people this time of year, I don’t feel like that’s a good reason. Valentine’s Day (or the idea of giving someone a paper valentine, anyways) dates back all the way to 270 A.D. There’s so much history around it! And I guarantee you that in 270 A.D there weren’t big name card and candy companies around to start it. Besides, if you don’t want to give some of those corporations your money, then get creative with some construction paper and paper lace and a glue stick.

Do you hate it because there’s too much pink and too many fluffy bears for your taste?
Because, you know, red is a big color for Valentine’s Day as well. And just because you celebrate Valentine’s Day it doesn’t mean you have to buy a ginormous violently pink and fluffy teddy bear. There are so many other nice things you can buy that aren’t pink and aren’t grossly fluffy. Or, don’t buy anything at all. Just let your words and actions show those around you how you feel.

Do you hate it because you dislike chocolate?
Actually, I’m sorry but I have to withdraw that ridiculous question. The only reason you should “dislike” chocolate is if it makes you break out in hives or makes your throat swell up because you’re allergic.

Is it because you don’t have some significant other to celebrate with and therefore feel like it doesn’t apply to you?
Because that’s just ludicrous. You don’t need to have one specific person to show your love to on this day. Just be happy and positive about it and go out and let all of your friends and especially your family know that you value, appreciate, and care about them. Which leads me to the next question…

Do you hate it out of general protest that people shouldn’t need one day set aside during the year to tell people they love them?
I’ll agree with you that we should tell people in our lives that we love them far more often, but let’s get real here–how many of us actually do that? It’s just like any other number of things in our lives that we take for granted, or that we just don’t pay as much attention to because we are busy so much of the time. So, honestly, you can keep stamping your foot in protest til you fracture it and get a leg cramp, but I see nothing wrong with having a day to remind us to slow down and appreciate one another.

And, this isn’t necessarily a question–well, okay, maybe it is–but how can you hate a day all about love?How? That just seems really pointless and counterproductive to me.

So get up, go out, and tell somebody what they mean to you.Now.

I’m not kidding.


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