“The poet’s eye,in a fine frenzy rolling,doth glance from heaven to earth,from earth to heaven…

…and as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen turns them to shape, and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name; such tricks hath strong imagination.”
William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I love music, and I could talk about it for hours. It is always cool to share your musical taste and interests with other people, so what better place than here?

One of my favorite artists is Alison Sudol, who sings under the name A Fine Frenzy. You know how it is when you just kind of forget about an artist for a while and then you rediscover all of their music that you own it’s kind of exciting…Well, that’s what happened with me. I haven’t listened to A Fine Frenzy in about a year, I’d say, and I just remembered that I have all of her music on my computer, so I’ve been listening to it and am reminded of why I loved it in the first place.

Her lyrics are so creative, and that’s always a mark of a good artist.And most of all, I love the imagery that her lyrics evoke.
I’ve got all of her albums, and I probably couldn’t say which one I love best.
In case you’re interested, they are:

ImageOne Cell in the Sea, 2007

omb in a Birdcage, 2009

ImagePines, 2012


“You show up like a hurricane, all hungry-eyed, and weather-stained.
The clock forgets to tick, and I the same.
I died the day you disappeared, so why would you be welcome here?
Ride the wind that brought you back away.
No, you can’t come in.
No, you can’t come in.
I cannot stop my rebel hands from pulling out the pots and pans.
I left you in the cold until you shook.
You’re gentle now but I recall both tender fire and bitter squall,
A history so deep it hurts to look.
No, you can’t come in.
No, you can’t come in.
If the sea should swallow up my house I will turn the rooftop inside out,
And the wind will be wailing, but I will be sailing faster.
Oh, the elements I do not fear, but I fall apart when you appear.
Cause you are the greatest, the greatest disaster.
If the sea should swallow up my house I will turn the rooftop inside out,
And the wind will be wailing but I will be sailing faster.”

“But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.”-Hans Christian Andersen

Don’t ask me why I feel like sharing this with you, because I don’t really know.

One of my favorite stories is The Little Mermaid. While I enjoy the Disney film version to the extent that I know all the songs by heart, I am actually referring to the original fairytale, Den Lille Havfrue, by Hans Christian Andersen. In fact, although I think I forgot to mention it, visiting the commemorative statue in Denmark is on my bucket list.

I actually love the original story because it is so much more meaningful…
You see, it is a love story, but is also about a quest for immortality.
The little mermaid, upon her fifteenth birthday, is allowed to go to the surface for the first time, and when she does she falls in love with a prince on a boat. Then, just like with Disney, the big storm comes, and she saves his life, taking him to the front of a temple and disappearing as soon as she is sure someone discovers him.
Once she returns to the depths of the sea, the little mermaid is filled with questions about life and death and love. She goes to her grandmother, who tells her that humans have a much shorter lifespan than mermaids, yet they also have an immortal soul–they live forever once their bodies die, yet the mermaid turns into seafoam and ceases to exist in any way.
Never having thought about it before, the little mermaid is alarmed to learn that nothing will become of her when she dies. As she thinks about it, she becomes desperate for an immortal soul. That’s why she goes to the sea witch, who exchanges a potion to give her legs for her voice. Once she has legs, it will cause her almost unbearable pain to walk on them. She also has to find her true love and marry him in order to gain her immortal soul, otherwise she will die of a broken heart.
On land, the little mermaid meets the prince, who is fascinated by her and cannot deny her beauty, but it all comes to nothing as the prince prepares to marry a foreign princess. The little mermaid is devastated and waiting for her death to come as the witch had predicted. Her sisters come, telling her that they made a deal with the witch so that all she has to do is take a knife and kill the prince, letting his blood soak her feet, and then she can return to life in the sea. But her love for the prince will not allow her to kill him, so she allows herself to dissolve into foam in the sea when dawn breaks. Yet as she closes her eyes, she can feel the warmth of the sun. She did not cease to exist, but became a spirit of the air because of her sincere efforts to obtain immortality.

Image“I would give gladly all the hundreds of years that I have to live, to be
a human being only for one day, and to have the hope of knowing the
happiness of that glorious world above the stars.”
The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen


“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”-Coco Chanel


I have such major jazz hands over this, you have no idea.
As I have mentioned several times before, I love all things vintage and antique, including vintage fashion.
This purse was handmade for me by two friends from vintage fabrics and materials. And when I say “handmade,” I mean they picked each section of fabric, decided where it should go, and sewed the whole thing together by hand, buttons included.
And that is not even the best part…
The shoulder strap.Look at it.Know what that is? That is an original vintage silk Bill Blass tie.On my purse.


“Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that’s what makes you strong.”-Sarah Dessen

Did you know that the lotus flower blooms from the depths of muddy waters?

It unfolds after breaking through the murky surface, to face the light. It closes and sinks beneath the surface once darkness falls each day. Despite repeatedly going beneath the waterline, the impurities never affect it–it remains pure and healthy. And it always, without fail during the course of its life, opens up again in the morning to face the sun.



“I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall.
I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me.
Yet this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope:
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”
Lamentations 3:19-23


One of the flaws that I will readily admit concerning myself and my character is that I am absolutely a snob when it comes to being grammatically correct.

I have gotten slightly better about correcting people over the last few years, but I am fairly certain that I will always be this way to some extent. I always have a secret and cynical joy when I watch My Fair Lady (1964) and I hear this song…

Especially when I go to visit family and friends in the south, there are quite a few people who I would love to sing/say this to…
And I apologize beforehand if you find this offensive:

“Henry Higgins: Look at her, a prisoner of the gutter!Condemned by every syllable she ever uttered. By law, she should be taken out and hung for the cold-blooded murder of the English tongue!

Eliza Doolittle: Aaaaooow!

HH *imitating*: Aaaaoow!
Heavens! What a noise! This is what the British population calls an elementary education?

Colonel Pickering: Oh, Counsel, I think you picked a poor example.

HH: Did I?
Hear them down in Soho square, dropping ‘h’s’ everywhere, speaking English any way they like. You, sir! Did you go to school?

Random Man: Whaddya tike me for, a fool?

HH: No one taught him ‘take’ instead of ‘tike’! Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak? This verbal class distinction, by now, should be antique. If you spoke as she does, sir, instead of the way you do, why, you might be selling flowers, too!
Hear a Yorkshire man, or worse, hear a Cornish man converse–I’d rather hear a choir singing flat! Chickens, cackling in a barn, just like this one!

ED: Garn!

HH: I ask you, sir, what sort of word is that? It’s ‘aaoooww’ and ‘garn’ that keep her in her place, not her wretched clothes and dirty face. Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?…An Englishman’s way of speaking absolutely classifies him. The moment he talks, he makes some other Englishman despise him. One common language I’m afraid we’ll never get. Oh, why can’t the English learn to set a good example to people whose English is painful to your ears? The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears! There are even places where English completely disappears–in America they haven’t used it for years!
Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak? Norwegians learn Norwegian; the Greeks have taught their Greek. In France, every Frenchman knows his language from ‘a’ to ‘zed.’ The French never care what they do, actually, as long as they pronounce it properly. Arabians learn Arabian with the speed of summer lightning, and Hebrews learn it backwards, which is absolutely frightening! But use proper English and you’re regarded as a freak! Why can’t the English learn to speak!”

“93 million miles from the sun.
People get ready, get ready, cause here it comes,
It’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon, into our eyes.
Oh, my, my, how beautiful.
Oh, my beautiful mother, she told me,
‘Son, in life you’re gonna go far, and if you do it right you’ll love where you are.
Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come home.’
240 thousand miles from the moon.
We’ve come a long way to belong here,
To share this view of the night, a glorious night.
Over the horizon is another bright sky.
Oh, my, my, how beautiful.
Oh, my irrefutable Father, he told me,
‘Son, sometimes it may seem dark,
But the absence of the light is a necessary part.
Just know you’re never alone. You can always come back home.’
Every road is a slippery slope.
There is always a hand that you can hold onto.
Looking deeper through the telescope,
You can see that your home’s inside of you.
Just know, that wherever you go…
No, you’re never alone..
You will always get back home.
93 million miles from the sun.
People get ready, get ready, cause here it comes,
It’s a light, a beautiful light, over the horizon, into our eyes.”