What would you do if you knew when you were going to die?

How would that knowledge impact your life?
Would you make different choices?
Would you be a different kind of person?

Would you spend what time you knew you had appreciating every second, or would you just spend time obsessing about your coming fate?

Would you be ready when the day came?
Would you go gracefully, knowing all along that you made the most of the time you were given? Or would you do everything you could to evade it because you selfishly want more?

Our lives are not forever. When you are young, it is so easy to not contemplate the future. Without even realizing it, we have this idea in our brains that we are invincible, unbreakable. We never question the idea that we will grow old, because that is just what people do.We grow up and we get old and then we die.

But the reality is that we are not given that promise. Our lives could end tomorrow, or even today. We have no idea when our time will come, but when it does, it is not negotiable. So why do we fill our days with meaningless things? Why do we work jobs that make us miserable? Why do we not attempt to live happy lives while trying to make others happy as well? Why do we not help each other as often as we can? Why do we not tell our loved ones how much they mean to us every chance we get?

Life is important.
Life is fragile.
Life is fun.
Life is hard.
Life should be meaningful.
Life is a gift.
Life is fleeting.

Will you be ready when your time is up?


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