Reality check.

I feel like everyone has those people within their list of acquaintances who constantly get all bent out of shape and whine complain about how rude or annoying other people act when in reality, they are the ones who are the image of the things they claim to hate.

Does that even make sense?

It just kills me…it’s like they are the people who are always trying to be totally poetic and philosophical by saying why they hate pretty much everyone and then saying that it’s no big deal because they don’t need people like that in their life. Do they really not even realize that they are usually the ones who are just glorifying themselves so that they don’t have to be apologetic for their own poor actions and decisions?

Nine times out of ten they are so busy sitting around talking about how much better their life is because they don’t have some other person in it, when in all honesty, the other person is probably the one who truly got let off the hook. 

I guess where I’m going with all of this is that I speak from personal experience when I say that I know how hard it can be to cut your losses. There is a point where you usually have to make a judgement call. How do you know you’re not being one of those people if you turn your back on someone and feel grateful that you can move on because they are not there anymore?

That’s where the tough judgement call comes in…it becomes important for your heart and your own piece of mind that you ask yourself these questions: Have I genuinely tried to care for and be there for them?Have I tried to be an encouragement to them?Have they ever used me? Have they ever made me feel inferior or insecure? Have they already turned their back on me?

If the answer to all of those questions is yes, then take it as a leading nudge in the right direction. It is time to move on and let it go. Forget it all and start again tomorrow. And don’t you dare allow yourself to feel guilty about it, because if the answer to all of those questions is yes, then you deserve better. You cut your losses and pick yourself up knowing that they can sit around talking about how glad they are that you aren’t around anymore til the end of time, but you are the one who is justified in moving on without another thought for them–without guilt. They aren’t.

I am all about loving your neighbor as yourself. But don’t let someone use or abuse you.


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