Sharing Creativity

Hi everyone…

My post today is all about shameless self promotion. But I think it all evens out since I actually am also going to promote other amazing blogs as well.

You might remember that I semi-recently did a biographical post on Marilyn Monroe here on Yours Truly. I got really good responses from that, so if you read it, liked it, and are interested in reading similar things, you might take a look at my other blog that I run, called Think Classic. The posts that are done there have the same sort of layout as the Marilyn Monroe post I did here, and there is a lot of cool stuff that goes on there. There are Star of the Month posts that correlate with Turner Classic Movies, and also Movie of the Month posts to go along with them. There is also a segment called Silent Saturdays which highlights a movie star from the silent film era and a selection from their filmography one Saturday a month. Occasionally there are also classic literature posts and vintage fashion posts. Not to mention an amazing month long segment every December called A Very Vintage Christmas.
Anyways, if any of those things I have mentioned sound like things you would be interested in then feel free to check out Think Classic here:

The next two blogs I am sharing with you today are travel blogs that belong to very dear friends of mine.
The first belongs to my friend Kayla Davis, who recently (as in earlier this week) moved to Uganda and is doing work there. Since it was a really recent move she is just now sort of organizing her blog and getting it in gear with her new routine, but she is a wonderful person, and so far she has done a couple of great posts already which include some delicious travel photos of the beginning of her Ugandan adventure. If you would like to take a look at her blog, you can do so here:

The second travel blog belongs to my friend Travis Rogan, who just began a semester abroad in Seville, Spain. As with the previously mentioned travel blog, his is brand spankin new, and he is just getting started with it. I believe he only has one post up so far, but you can be sure there are more to come. He’s a wonderfully snarky and creative writer/college athlete, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some delightful pictures of his time in Seville that get posted there as well. So if you are interested in reading “How Do You Say ‘Long Snapper’ in Spanish?”, and other Spain Thoughts, then you can do so by following this link:

Hope you guys enjoy taking a peek at the creative word-flow of these other blogs, and I’ll check back with you later!

Let’s try this “resolution” thing..

Hello all!

It is officially 2014, so a Happy New Year to you, even if it is belated!
I am not usually big on resolutions–I typically don’t even make any at all. But this year I decided on a short list of what I consider to be good and definitely doable resolutions or goals that I want to accomplish in 2014…

1. Move back to my home state
This is a bigger one, which will obviously require some funds and it will be fairly time consuming since I am currently living almost 2,000 miles away from where I want to be. But it is something that is very important to me, and I have been working towards it all this past year, so I am hoping to find myself there within the next 6-8 months.

2. Get the 2 tattoos that I have been wanting for almost a year
I am very excited about this one! I have 3 tattoos already, and I have been hoping to get 2 more. For the curious, my first is on the back of my neck, and it is the word “Promise,” which I got in my freshman year of college with old friends. My second is a blue elephant on my right foot, which is in memory of my grandfather, who was born in Africa and collected elephant memorabilia throughout his life. And my third is the international hand symbol for “I Love You” in sign language, which I got with a friend of mine from high school who is a sign language interpreter.
Now, for the two new ones that I am wanting to get…I always have some meaning behind my tattoos, but these two are probably the most meaningful to me. I have been through some of the most trying and emotional experiences in my life to date over the last year. And these two tattoos are inspired by those times. The first is a tattoo of the roman numerals for the number 22, which is in memory of my dear friend Carol who passed away in February 2013. The second will be a tattoo of a lotus flower as a reminder of my own strength, and the fact that I survived the events of this past year. To me, the lotus flower reminds me of the Lamentations 3:19-23. I’ve referenced this in a past blog post (Biblical Lotus).

3. Get back into the habit of starting every morning off right with a little yoga!
Because there’s just no better way to wake up!

4. Spend at least an hour a day in prayer
I don’t spend nearly as often as I should in prayer for others. And sometimes that’s all I need to really feel like everything is in balance.

5. Drink at least 2 glasses of water every day!
Because I sadly don’t usually drink any..Terrible, I know.

6. Read more books!
I am a major bookworm, so I naturally have a bad habit to begin with of buying 5 books to every 1 that I read. But I haven’t spent as much time reading this last year as I normally do, and I’d like to get back in the groove.

7. Get rid of negative influences and people
I have done quite a bit of that this past year anyways, with all of the changes that I have gone through. But there are still some that surround me that do nothing but harm, so it’s time to let them go. I can pray for them, but I can also stop letting them wreak havoc with me.

8. Be open to trying new things with a positive attitude
I mean, really…shouldn’t we all do this?

Happy New Year!
Do you make resolutions or set goals for yourself each year, or have you decided to try for the first time like me?
What kinds of things are on your list?