Eat Your Heart Out

Honesty. It’s something I prized. Couldn’t put a price on it, above all other things. I thought you had it. I thought it was something that we shared. Only that could’ve made me give myself to you in a way I’ve never dared to do with anyone else before.

Yes, I trusted you for a time. That’s my only crime, and it’s bad enough. But baby, you’ve got it worse. Because you just kept on going, your tongue perverse, even after I begged you. I begged you not to hurt me. But you did, and now I guess we’ll both just have to live with it.

So take a look into my eyes and you’ll see your own lies staring back at you. You think your heart is broken. Well, how do you think mine looks after spending so long absorbing the lies that you’ve spoken?

So softly, like a thief. Not in the night–no, boldly, in the morning light. God only knows why I trusted you, even as you knew that you were eating my heart from the inside.


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